we're here tonight and it's so good;
i'm sarah, hello humans. i'm mostly made up of green tea, sarcasm, and an approximate knowledge of things..

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r.i.p cory monteith
r.i.p philip seymour hoffman

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my current mentality is “im sad and i hate myself but i have to get good grades”

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My ideal HIMYM ending 

  • Ted: And that kids is how met your mother.
  • Penny: That was sweet dad.
  • Luke: Yeah that was a pretty nice story.
  • Ted: I'm glad you liked it, 'cause I know I certain- oh wow is that the time? I gotta go. See you guys soon. Love you! (Exits)
  • Penny: Oh my god...
  • Luke: I thought it was never going to end!
  • Penny: I know right? Why was it so long?
  •  (Enter Tracy, off camera)
  • Tracy: Hi kids. Where's your dad gone?
  • Penny: He had to go and catch his train.
  • Tracy: His train... Huh. Hey, did I ever tell you guys the story of how I met your father?
  • Penny/Luke: (screaming) NO!!

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Emma Roberts talking about memorable scenes in American Horror Story: Coven. (x)

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Man forgets he is married after surgery (x)

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chocolate almond milk can i get a hell yeah

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almond milk   luv u