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They think we’re lesbians. It’s ridiculous! I don’t even like looking at my own vagina.

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And no fucking wonder cis people are so confused about how to respect trans people and understand trans matters when there are hardly any facts floating around and people saying “I connect with rabbits, so I’m trans* and my pronouns are bun/bunself”

Fucking hell

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" I have gained one of the best friends I could ever ask for, @therealritavolk. "

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some karmy pilot-inspired pencil sketches. sorry for the quality, but it’s the best I can do without my tablet uwu

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When Buffy’s voice breaks when she yells, “we’re not supposed to move the body”.

You know what I love the most about “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”?
The fact that the characters’ reactions are so extremely real.
No censure, no overdramatic bullshit, no cliches…everything gets shot into your face just like the way it is.
At first Buffy is numb, she doesn’t completely feels her mother’s death. It happened the same thing to me with my grandmother (who was like a mom to me).
You don’t realize it…you’re so shocked you get paralyzed, you can’t conceive that fact. It cannot be real, everything is so weird…so impossible. It’s like you’re trapped between fantasy and reality. 
Then you understand and everything under your feet just falls and you lose your fucking balance.
This scene was very important to me.
Also Dawn’s, Xander’s, Willow’s, Spike’s, Tara’s and Anya’s reactions were brilliantly genuine, anyway. They were different from each other, every one of them was was suitably written for the character.

Joss Whedon is brilliant, the BTVS cast is brilliant.
You should watch this show, seriously.

What got me is the way they had a brief scene of the sun shining and the sound of children playing. With every death I’ve experienced it always amazed me somewhere that life went on right in front of me….it seemed that everyone should stop and realize…..amazing episode.

if anyone gets the chance, listen to joss’s commentary on this episode, it’s fucking brilliant. all his artistic choices were perfect and buffy’s reaction is supposed to mirror his own when he found out about his mother passing. the scene where buffy is talking to the paramedic happened to joss, along with the numbers on the phone seeming too big. it is the most realistic depiction of death on a television show i’ve ever seen. it’s meant to be disturbing and jarring, with no background music, quick cuts and sharp contrasts of idealistic to somber imagery. this article has references to joss’s commentary; http://slayageonline.com/EBS/btvs/DVD_Commentaries/thebody.htm

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amyraudenfeels asked: first of all, i made the katie stevens/sarah drew connection forever ago. second, why are you on tumblr when you should be at work, hmmm?

I made that post before work dork and I didn’t know that!!

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Anonymous asked: hey where did you watch the pilot of faking it?

some random link in the faking it tag to be honest anon

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omg you guys

katie stevens is basically a baby sarah drew

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Anonymous asked: Send your idea to MTV. PLEASE

ha it’s not that great and kinda cliche but thanks! i just want my babies to get together in the end pls

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what i think/hope might happen?!??1!!!

season 1; karma and amy pretend to be lesbians. amy really falls in love with karma, they do cute stuff its precious. karma is gettin it in with liam. amy is heartbroken. for the season finale, amy admits her real feelings and, freaked out, karma says she doesnt return them so they publicly break up.

season 2; karma and liam are dating and are super gross all the time. amy is lonely and heartbroken. her and karma havent talked all summer. amy starts frequenting this hipster coffee shop, where she befriends and is constantly hit on by a super hot waitress. she is of course clueless until one day the girl asks her out and she says yes. they’re super cute and gr8 although amy still misses karma. karma, hearing about this new relationship from other people (or facebook), becomes oddly jealous. she starts trying to talk to amy again and amy rebuffs her at first but then they become sort of friends.

season 3; things with liam have stalled for karma and now they’re just mostly bros. amy and karma are friends again but karma wants to kill amy’s girlfriend. amy’s gf knows karma doesnt like her and loves to torment her, saying that its “karma for karma” (in reference to basically treating amy like crap). shane eventually knocks some sense into karma and opening her eyes to the fact that she is in love with her best friend and has been all along. karma does whatever she can to get amy back. amy’s gf meanwhile has been cheating on her the whole time. karma finds out and tells her and expects amy to jump into her arms but she doesn’t. she’s heartbroken that someone she grew to love chose someone else over her, again. 

season 4; it’s senior year and karma wants to make things right with amy. she does everything she can, every romantic thing she’s ever seen in those cheesy 80’s movies that guys do to win the girl (holding a boombox over her head, she managed to wrangle one of those drive able lawnmowers ala “cant buy me love” from her neighbors house to drive over to amy’s but she crashed it into a tree on her way there), sends flowers and chocolates and cheesy texts. none of it works. finally one day she goes up to the roof where she knows amy hides during lunch and braves walking along the edge to terrify amy into talking to her. it works, they talk, then they kiss and everything’s right with the world. then there are a few cute general episodes before they graduate and yes i would like this pls